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I found my own mum so depressing. She is very traditional and fatalistic, in comparison I am more progressive and more sled-orientated. I dislike it when she has a ungrounded position in an argument. I dislike it when she places her views over mine, assuming there is moral superiority. I am in the grey area between independent living and being depending on her, therefore it is difficult for two of us to gauge where the self-respecting boundaries lies. I sometimes rely on her for emotional support but she mistakes that for signals of her being authoritative over me. She can't speak English very well and have a laid back attitude this made her withdraw from taking care of the household and is dependent on me when language becomes a problem. This lack of will is building up my contempt and dislike towards her. She cares for me and loves me, she will do absolute all to ensure my well being. She is also holding me back, I feel restraint when I am around her. I understand that part of the reason is that she has low self-esteem. It is I can sympathise with but I cannot do that all of the time. To build up a good relationship with herand to alleivat any contempt for her. I need to like her more by focusing on her positive attributes of a loving, protective mother with stringent values.

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  • shame on you for talking about your mom this way and in front of your dad >_<

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