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I don't feel guilt for letting a girl stranded in the place we were supposed to meet with nothing but a text,if she looks nothing like the pictures she showed me before. 1) because you pretend to be someone you're not. 2) i don't want to deal with someone so insecure and unstable to the pont of lying about their face. 3) i will not be able to trust you in anyway in any kind of relationship we engage in

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  • I have a lovely voice. It has even given me a career. Sadly, I've been asked out and stood up so many times by asshats liek you, who think my voice and my body does not match. I have an island accent, but am blonde, blue eyed, and tall. Sadly, none wanted to hear a description of what I looked like. Did not want to see my photo. Eventually, I became aggressively rude to anyone who tried to ask me out based on my voice. A person can't control their voice and they can't control how photogenic they are. Lies and deception are not forgivable, but judging someone on YOUR perceived expectations is wrong. It's not them. It's YOU.

  • I once met with a girl and immediately realized that it was a mistake but I didn't want to be rude so I went with it. Worse date ever.

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