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The familiar environment at my house is really bad. My mother is always in bad mood and treats me really bad. She never hit me but she already said really mean things to me like `you will never get a boyfriend` and she always compares me with my friends just because they have better grades. If i had money, i would had left this house a long time ago, but i don´t. I´m 22 and I don´t have any good memories in this house because she is always arguing and over-reacting about things. (Sorry for my bad english)

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  • your 22 and an adult u have the power to change your life if u don't like what's happening then do something about it wish u all the best

  • I used to suffer with the same problem. My solution? Quit the university, got a job and started to save money. When o got enough money ill left my country leaving all this mess behind.

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