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I know guys think I'm pretty and I get plenty of male of attention. I just wish it was from someone that mattered and not guys who just think I'm attractive and want to sleep with me

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  • don't create those ''groups'' in your mind,that's the most stupid thing you can do. we approach a girl initially because we think she's cute/hot. we don't know NOTHING about you,so that's why we approach you. if the girl turns out to be friendly,not crazy,and cool to hang out with,there is no guy who would pass up on the chance to ask you out on more dates. you look at people and judge them and try to create groups and separate man,but truth is that humans constantly change,and are never looking for the exact same thing. but i understand that is easier for you to blame ''society'' and ''douchebags'' other than blaming yourself for being alone. but that's a dangerous mindset. Peace

  • We do exist. Please don't give up.

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