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I'm a doctor, and I recently had to watch the kids of a friend who I know since we were in school. They're 10 and 14 years old and really good kids, and I love them as if they were my own. I often have them over, and it's the closest I'll ever have to a real family, except if I would adopt. As I've said, I know my friend since we were about 15. And I just found out she's an Antivaxxer. When her and her husband left for a vacation and her kids were with me for 3 weeks, I vaccinated them. I asked them first, and they agreed. I know it's kind of mean to my friend to do this behind her back, but I won't ever risk the life of the kids I love because of some stupid idea that is based on fake results that were even revoked by the author himself. The whole reasoning behind this movement is stupid, and when I found out she's against vaccinations, I lost a big part of my respect for her. I always thought she was very intelligent, even though she never went to university - she found a well paying job right after her A-levels, so I never questioned it. There are nearly no antivaxxers here in Germany. We don't even let kids go on school trips if they aren't at least immunized against tetanus. I have no clue how she could pull this through for fourteen years - I'd probably slap her children's doctor for letting her do this stupid sh*t if I met him somewhere far from my hospital. I'm so glad nothing serious happened to her children. I'm so glad everyone else here is vaccinated, so there weren't many people around to infect the kids. But there are deadly diseases that are much easier to catch, especially for children (I mean, I already mentioned tetanus, but doesn't she know what that does to people? And how easy it is to catch it? Get a little dirt in a wound and your muscles contract so much they might break your bones!! And there is no way to heal it if they already caught it!) I'm sorry for ranting, I just never did something "forbidden", and I'm furious about my friend. I have to hide that in my everyday life, or she'd get suspicious or we'd argue and I couldn't see her kids anymore. I really hope she doesn't find out.

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  • I understand what you did and why you did it, and if I were in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing. However I don't exactly agree with doing it behind her back, what if the child/children had a bad reaction?

  • In my day (1999-2012) in the U.S., you HAD to get your vaccines before enrolling in school. No one ever complained or fought it. No one got the measles, whooping cough, tetanus, and whatever else they vaccinate you for. Out of the hundreds of kids I went to school with, none of them died or were seriously damaged from vaccines. No one started out as a totally normal 4 year old, got his vaccinations then bam autism. But if we weren't vaccinated, kids would be dropping from the diseases left and right. I don't get how antivaxxers don't see that. We didn't spend all those years and all that money trying to hurt anyone.

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