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Okay my girlfriend is cool. She's got a day off from work today where as I had to go in. Spoke to her on the phone at lunch saying how much I just wanted some time off and when I when back to work thought nothing of it. Got to my home and she said that she had a surprise for me. She'd cleaned my entire flat and cooked me a huge dinner from scratch and then casually passed me flight and hotel details for Germany that she'd booked today. She even called my boss in secret after talking to me and got the time off already arranged. She is the kindest person ever, even though she doesn't like meat she cooked me a steak and she booked us a trip to Germany even though it's not her first choice. We've been together years and this is why; she always wants me happy, tolerates my many faults and does spontaneous things like this for me. Future wife material; definitely.

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  • Never stop telling her how happy she's made you.. A little praise does a lot

  • I'm happy for u! But pls don't forget to make her happy as well, don't take her for granted !

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