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My husband just told me that I make him miserable. He has me do everything. He doesn't work, clean, or help out around the house at all. He has a genetic heart problem, but blames me for the physical pain he feels and his lack of 'freedoms' to stay up gaming all night, eat whatever he wants instead of the steady low salt diet I provide, and sleep all day because his medications make him 'drowsy'. I think I realize that he makes me miserable. I've stayed with him because I love him, but if he has no appreciation ... I am better off with a cat. The amount of sex would be the same. 0.

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  • You deserve better, divorce is hard, but, you and him can move on. You deserve a man that will treat you better, yes you love him, but I can tell from what you write he doesn't, actions always speak louder than words.

  • My mother has genetic heart problem and still managed to work hard for years even surpassing her peers. The pain is triggered by stress, but not even helping for house chores? Leave him.

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