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He won't talk to me all week and asks like "How was your day honey?" is to much of a hassle; yet when the weekend comes wants to be frisky? I don't work like that and can can't deny the distance. I understand being busy,but ignoring me for days ? Just am disappointed I trust so much and still don't know..

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  • I completely understand where u r coming from. I have been married now for almost 22 years but I'm only 41. I want to spend time with him and it seems it's a bother to even ask cause he says he wants to spend time with me but I am still not seeking any changes. I left once but only for a couple of days and things were great for a couple of months at most and then it went back to the same old thing. I'm getting so discouraged. Hope ur situation gets better tho.

  • Sigh, I don't know why there's so many guys who do that. I'm a guy as well and I'd never do anything like that. I'd talk to him and tell him what you feel like. In case you see that he still doesn't care, I'd suggest moving on before he actually hurts you.

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