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This morning I woke up to my dog chewing up the brand new and freaking expensive chapstick I bought just yesterday evening. As soon as I was done with getting pieces of sharp plastic out of his mouth, I realized I woke up in a pool of my own blood because I got my period a week early. I've been bedridden because of a medication that was supposed to help me but made everything worse (It did help with the chronic pain I had so long I didn't even remember how being painless felt, but the side effects were really, really nasty.) But now, I realized the side effects are not yet wearing off, but I'm accustomed to feeling like sh*t and I'm good enough to contain my normal life again. Getting my period a week early is awesome, this way I don't have it on the 1st of May, where it's traditional to go on a hike into the forest and drink and dance the day away (it's like a festival there), and there's no toilet over there, so this is actually pretty awesome. I started the day freaking out, but by the early afternoon, I was starting to feel better, and actually - the day's been good. I sat outside in the garden and played with the dog (sitting, I'm not exactly well enough yet to actually run around, but in a few days I'll be), and I made myself some awesome food, ate a lot of fruit and read a really good book. What I'm trying to say is: Things get better. And about the chapstick? Well, at least my dog smelled like vanilla and roses the whole day!

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  • I thought this was going to be a ranting complaint but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not.

  • Life would be beautiful if I could think like you... :D You're great!

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