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my older brother has raped me for over two years, when i was a little girl. i told my parents, when i was 14. my mother was the first to speak. i knew it. (!!!) i was told to shut up and forgive him. i didn't dare tell my other siblings. i tried to ignore what had happened for 7 more years, then i couldn't stand the symptons anymore. i started talking about it again and i told my story in a documentary. i could not stay silent anymore. i feel really bad for not reporting my older brother but i know, he would not get sentenced for his crime against me, because my whole family sees him as the victim and i got no witnesses. last month my youngest (and severely depressed) brother told my parents, that he too was raped by him (he was 5!). and guess what? my parents blame me for his depression, for if i had not started talking he wouldnt have had to remember it. i feel responsible for his pain but not because he has to remember, but because i was not strong enough to stop my brother, when he hurt me the first time.

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  • what is done, is done. Now, set things right

  • people. that's what's wrong with this world.

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