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I loved this girl so much. I did everything i can. I cared too much for her. Even if she didn't want I made her birthday so much special. But she never liked me. I was just a friend for her. On valentines day's morning I gave her a bouquet of red roses but in the end she never cared. Sometimes I feel I wasted my feelings for someone who never valued. No rage though.

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  • I'm in a similar boat. although the girl lived 2 countries away and I met her online. it really did seem as she cared at first and we got pretty close. then. it all went wrong. I felt a lot of rage. but I also have a short fuse for anger so might be why. sad that I wasted time on her but happy for the time spent. so to say :/

  • this happened to a friend of mine, however, after realising he needed to move on, he got a crush on that girl's cousin- they have been together for 8 years now :)

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