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In college I found out that one of my teachers is a transgender (born male, changed to female). I didn't really mind it, but she felt threatened. She thought I would use this knowledge to blackmail her. Then, one evening I was alone in the lab, she entered and demanded sex. I refused and said I wasn't going to say anything. She then threw herself over a table, got up and showed me the bruises and said that all she needed was say I hit her for being transexual and raped her, and no one would believe me because I'm a man. I agreed, to save my skin, but I couldn't get hard (I was scared and disgusted, not because of her transexuality, but because she's such a dirty bitch). She left and I thought I was done for, but she never did anything. I left that institution and finished my college degree at another. But I still hate her for doing that, and even though I think I should do anything about it, my hands are tied up. All she needs is say I raped her and my life becomes hell.

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  • He didn't blackmail her/him what the fuck are you guys saying and he should have just said no because she would have no proof that he raped her

  • Blackmailer is given his just desserts. I approve.

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