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I think I fell in love with a guy from my college. We have a presentation together, and he is the first guy... or better person, where I have the feeling I can be the happy crazy version of me, I always wanted to be. We went clubbing together (and with some of his friends) and he told me that he has some kind of girlfriend, but are not actually together, whatever... I was okay with it, because I kinda just want to be around him, cause we have fun and he makes me feel good, but then, many shots later, he started to act a bit distant and awkward, but I just thought it was the alcohol, but then his friend told me that he is just so weird because he has a crush on me. I have never felt more miserable in my life, because this made me realise that I like him, but that I will never act on it, and that he won't stay around and I will most probably never find someone like him again.

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  • The idiot and the coward. That could be an awful Tv show

  • What the...so...hum why not ask him out? what the hell? arent you both interested? I dont get this.

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