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I am an atheist and could not see how religions could ever have become powerful or big, until last year. Last year I was at the beach and the sunset caused these spectacular crepuscular rays to make it seem like there was a golden path of light on the ocean. It was the most breathtaking view I ever saw. Although I know it can all be explained by science and still do not believe in anything whatsoever, but while seeing this I thought to myself that I could understand why someone could believe in god. I tried to explain this feeling to my father, who also saw this view, but I immediately got lectured by him about how horrible religions were (in his opinion). Ever since then I've kept my mouth shut about anything related to religion or atheism, since it's apparently tolerable to completely hate and condemn the other side but it's taboo to try to understand the other side.

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  • The first day I truly believed in God for myself was an experience quite like yours. To me, having that much beauty in world be an accident didn't make sense, a God who created it does. I respect your beliefs in not believing, but I also am appreciative that you at least try to understand the other side. It's very respectable.

  • I'm the only atheist in a family of devoutly religious people. I know my parents suspect it, but I haven't yet told them openly about my beliefs (or lack thereof). I just hate confrontations. But I think understanding the other side, or at least trying to, is the first step towards anything positive. Or else, you just end up being the same thing you hated about religious people - a fanatic!

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