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I thnik that the invention of money was the worst of them all... It made people think that painted paper is more important than the planet we live in. Nobody cares that they are going to die in 5 years from destroying our natural system, our forests, because they are paying a lot for the job. What is money useful for when the world ends? When our society collapses? Money is just paper. The same you smash and throw in the garbage just because you did a bad drawing.

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  • Civilization is not possible with a barter economy. Because you cannot produce anything of a greater worth than a fistful of food or trading sex for a goat. Stone arrowheads and clay jars. sure, come right in. But a house? Bypass surgery? A standing army? The world needs money as much as it needs written words.

  • The truth os that we should think about each other, just getting what we need. Doing the things thinking of the other. No need for trades, no need for abuse. Just one society that produces everything because of ther other people good. Where some produces videogames to others for free, the same as some others produce food for others... for free, so everything would be free, we just need to know how to share and respect.

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