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My father has been emotionally abusive towards me all my life, telling me how worthless I am, threatening me, breaking down my doors, when I've tried to lock myself in in order to escape him, things like that. Lately, he's been acting much kinder. I think he might actually be changing for the better. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Hah... no. I'll play along for now, but it's all just an act, so he'll buy me stuff and help me out financially. As soon as I've earned my own cash, I'm planning to cut off all contact with him and watch from afar, as he dies cold and alone. I feel absolutely no remorse. I hate him.

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  • not judging you,good plan

  • Even if he treated you like crap, he brought you into this world, you owe half your chromosomes to him! in my opinion, that's a reason enough for you to at least, contact him as you said that he has been kinder to you so he knows that he's been an ass to you and he's trying to earn back your love . Every Human is ignorant of what he doesn't know (pretty obvious though). Give him a chance, if he screws it, well you go on your way.

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