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*Those who read this don't get the wrong idea, this is a confession and not for attention* I'm 27, female, hispanic, i have a unique personality where for no reason i would do or say weird things out of nowhere. I'm smart, caring, and determined. I have the personality and clumsiness of an anime girl and the body to match. I love to make people happy or smile even if it's for a brief second. I only been with two men in my life and only ever had one relationship. I feel like i am cursed to not have a guy be my companion, why? I am unsure. Perhaps it is my look or my funny persona, it always seems like guys just look at me or want to get to know me because of my body which explains why I only been with two men. There's a girl inside this body who wants to find someone who will have her back if she was to fall and in return i would give them my all if i needed to.

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  • same personality with me.. and i dont have a boyfriend. eventough im the prettiest among my friend *ppl said that*

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