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My ex broke up with me after I got out of rehab. she broke me and I had never felt pain like that before. I was so madly in love with her. It's been two years since and I think about her often, I still dream about her every night. I try convince myself I am over her but truthfully I have never stopped loving her. I am in a relationship now with an amazing girl, she is everything I could ever ask for, and I love her so much. I just know that I will never love anyone as intensely and deeply as I loved my ex.

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  • No love will ever be the same as another, try to focus on the one you're with, remember things with the last one didn't work out and why, and analyze the love you had for the last one, why did you love her so much. And give this girl more time. I've heard some guys think about their ex with another man and that helps them. . I personally don't think it's healthy though.

  • If she left you after rehab when you needed her then she clearly don't deserve you, concentrate on your current girl. It wouldn't be fair

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