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I have been in love with the same girl since I was in second grade... I have not been able to mantain or even have a relationship due to me being attracted by her and no one else.. The problem is she likes me too, but we live in different countries and I am nowhere near getting a flight to where she is.

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  • This would essentially boil down to trust, build it up, call often enough to make sure she knows you care, however, don't annoy her with it. Patience and moderation.

  • Dude what you said is literally how i was, what are the odds. I met my girl when she was 9 and i was 10, long story short im 22 and we been together for nearly a year and she lives in germany (btw i live in england) and were working it and hopefully it stays that way, if anything gets better. Dude the effort you put to replace her put it in to see her, distance dont mean anything, just work hard and see her bro. Peace

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