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I'm 50 years old and my dog is 10 years. I Iove him more than I ever loved anybody else. I'm with a woman since three years, but she's not a good person. In a way as egoistic as the most people I met in my life. Everybody just wanted something from me. Money, help on something, jobs (I'm CEO of my own company here in Europe). Even my own brother tried cheating me for money. Some years ago I decided to live as long as my dog will. When his life will come to an end, I will follow him. Sometimes I am awaiting the day where we both will leave this world. And I don't feel guilty about anything. It's my decision and it feels alright. No regrets.

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  • Don't do it, if there was a chance, no matter how slight, of not being reunited with your dog on the other side, I'd not risk it. I thought about ending my life when my dog died. But, what if there is some truth to religion. Wouldn't hell be never to be together again?

  • I lost my dog over a year ago. I cry a lot still over her. It's my fault. I hate myself for it. I understand your love.

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