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I leave in a city, I can see money all around, precisely London, but I am in debt about 4000 poumds, a student, can't ask my parents for money cause they are in Africa just managing to live, I need to move to a new accommodation soon or I would be homeless, and I am supposed to be studying for a research at the same time, how I got into this, is a mess I don't know how possible it is to get out. I have to eat once a day, just to manage what have got. getting a honest job has been hell, if I can sail through this I can go back to make my family have a better life

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  • move to mexico

  • I don't know if this helps in any way but reading your post showed me how pointless my problems are. I'm a student as well and studying here is hard and it's a job with 80-90 hours weekly to survive the exams. I did pass all exams so far and I'm really thankful for what I was able to achieve. I'm really blessed that I have a family supporting me with enough money though. What are you studying? I'm sure you will find a way, I've been in many situations so far which seemed hopeless but just concerning exams. I'll check for replies and we can talk a bit if that helps. I'm not in London though

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