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Today I wanted to go and see a movie with my dad - and he declined again. I always try to make plans, but he never wants to do anything with me. Not even go out for a walk with the dog or go for a jog together - he goes alone without telling me. And then he wonders why we have a bad relationship and why we always argue. He beat me up as a child countless times and never once apologized for taking his anger out on me. I always have to clean up after him, and he never even says thank you. And even though he's responsible for almost all of our arguments, he's never apologizing. I've never even heard him say "I'm sorry" to me. And he never does anything with me to bond. I mean, I don't like him the least bit, but I'd like to like him. He's my father. But he doesn't even give me the chance. I'm moving abroad next year and would like to establish at least some kind of father-daughter relationship. Even if it was just going to McDonalds together, or riding our bikes, going swimming, walking the dog - I'd be content with everything. But he doesn't want to. He better doesn't complain when he's old and alone and has no one to talk to. Why should I call a man that I have no positive memories of? Why should I care for a guy that beat me into hospital?

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  • a child should never have to beg a parent for attention its not how its supposed to work. I'm sorry you have had to go thru this, my daughter did too with her father but I put him in prison. the best thing for you to do is make a life for yourself and shoe him what he's missing. you sound like a wonderful person honey and I wish the best for you!

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