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me and my wifes 50 shades of grey. we are not into b&d or any of that but years ago i told her about sex i had with a man drunk in a motel seperated from my first wife. it actually turned her on. and well that time i was drunk and i wanted to see what it felt like not drunk. put ads on cl and got alot of reponces mostly from married men looking for discreet. wife said ok and the first weekend i was talking to a couple of men but one always i got so hot talking about it then he would call me and leave voicemails masturbating. that weekend came and was supposed to meet him in an hourly motel that morning when my wife went to work. i was having second thoughts when she told me not to chicken out and let her know. ok i was nervous but called him got a room undressed and kept the door unlocked when he showed. and he did. he came in and was so turned on pulled his pants down and got on top of me and fucked me. never had time to even take a pic. he was black shorter than me married and very hard. i put the condom on him as he took his pants down. yes it was anal sex and it was a little painfull but the soreness turned me on. small chat as i masturbated in front of him. ok the plan was for my wife to watch but that week could not get ahold of him so i emailed two other men. a much older white haired guy and a black guy around my age and size. and yes my wife let me meet again while she was at work. kind of the same thing as last clothes off on bed nude waiting. did not plan it but the older white guy showed up first. he wasnt getting out of the car then the black guy showed up. got out of the car and walked in. shut the door and i told him to lock it. and as he was getting undressed i was emailing the older guy and told him i was going to be busy. small talk then (wife does not know this) i was laying on my stomach legs spread and he walked up and i put his cock in my mouth. no condom yet he was around 8 inches. i sucked him for a little bit gagging and sucking. then i asked if he was ready. got up bent over on the bed he put a condom on and slowly stuck it in. easing it in my ass. then started to fuck and that was when my wife called from work on break. she asked me whatvi was doing? i said having anal sex. want to listen. she was so turned on she went into the bathroom and masturbated as i was getting fucked. she got off the phone before he cum. pulled out and cum on my back and ass. we talked for a bit and asked if he would do that in front of my wife next weekend. he left then (wife does not know this) i unlocked the door and email the older guy and asked him to come in. toom a little bit but got him in and he was very nervous but i gave him oral then he came. then the next weekend the black guy i was with fucked me in front of my wife then watched us have sex then he got hard again from my mouth and i let him have sex with her. and next weekend we will be meeting a couple for bi sex. none of our friends know or they would shit.

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