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I still haunted by a girl I met in highschool. I don't remember how the conversation got started, but we somehow ended up talking about her being pregnant. She said that she was going to kill the baby by constantly smoking. And she said she hated the baby inside of her. The way she said, "I'm going to kill it" and smiled, it weakens me. I often wonder if the baby is alive and safe, or if it's dead. I even want to cry. This memory had haunted me even more while I was pregnant, causing me to constantly fear how my actions would effect my daughter--from food to emotions, I worried constantly. I didn't want to her home a living hell.

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  • That high schooler was an asshole and someday her smoking will kill her and she'll deserve it. I'm sure your daughter will be fine. You seem like a concerned and caring mother. Don't let memories of other people's failures hold you back; let them be an example of how not to live. Learn from their mistakes.

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