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Well it happend a few nights ago (16 year old guy here), so I was at a party and after a while I went outside to get some fresh air and disscuss with a friend, then a girl(basically from the same highscool) came out too to take some fresh air and stayed with us.I discussed with her and my friend and after a while she gave me a kiss on the cheek said that I am a nice guy(talked to her during the party aswell but also when she went outside) and after that I still haven't talked with her but I will meet her at school..what should I do(yes kinda like her to be honest,does she also likes me..?)

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  • I'm a girl in high school and if I ever kissed a guy on the cheek it would probably be because I like him. But on the other hand, I have a friends that does it to a lot of guys. So I guess it just depends on what type of person she is. At school just talk to her and maybe ask her to hang out and sees what she says.

  • Say hi to her and see where it goes. maybe ask her out somewhere. do something fun,don't be that boring dude that says ''uh lets get coffee''

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