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I don't think we are faithfull as a species and the whole marriage and fidelity stuff is delusional and it's a unhealthy expectation to have.

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  • I think its natural to feel attraction for a lot of people and it would be great if we lived in a society where you could act on it. I really admire relationships that have more than two people, all of who can accept each other and the universal fact that we indeed are not faitful as a species. I think those are the most honest relationships.

  • Maybe you are just bad at it. I am very happy with my faithful family. I feel secure in my wife's love. I know my kids are mine. She need not feel jealous and neither do I. I would hate to live like a pathetic wolf in a field clamoring for some shitbags sloppy seconds. It would be worse as a woman. Lots of suitors in your twenties, but who will take care of you when you are fifty or sixty? Your cats? At that point you are doomed to die alone as soon as you can no longer bring in income. Marriage was created in the first society and was so successful it spread to EVERY society on earth. A man gets legitimate offspring, a woman gets a loving partner to raise a family with, a child gets raised by people who love them, and father sends his kids off to marry and be safe with their partner long after he is dead. I will be happy if I die knowing my son has a wife like mine, or my daughter has a faithful man who treasures her like I do and will raise grandchildren for me.

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