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Me and friend like each other (we're both girls) and we're really confused about our feelings and we know this is bad but at the same time we can't stop how we feel and we kissed before but it was just a quick peck and we just acted like it didn't happen, but then we eventually talked about it and now we're just wondering what it would actually feel like to have a real kiss... And like what if it's bad or what if it's good... Should we act on that or no..?

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  • Getting into a relationship is more complicated than with a guy. more emotion and dedication is involved. i loved a girl for 3 years until she agreed to be with me, only to then, a few weeks later, let me know she wasnt interested at all and did it to make me happy. my point is that unless you feel truly devoted and know theres nothing in your mind or heart standing in the way then id say go for it and dont even wait another second.

  • You should be allowed to love whoever you want without people getting in the way. I say ignore all the prejudice and go for it!

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