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I'm allergic to onions and don't like tomatoes. Not very hard to remember, especially since that has never changed, and since those are my only two food restrictions. Simple. Not too much to ask for. I've been sick for two days now and normally my parents don't really care for me then, which is okay, since I'm 18 years old and only still living at home as long as I go to school. So I was pretty happy when Dad brought me food. Well, guess who just ate a whole doner kebab full of onions. I got the tomatoes out after I bit the first one, but the onions really looked like part of the salad, and since I haven't eaten onions for over ten years, I didn't remember the taste. I was really confused when my mouth started to blister and my skin started itching, my eyes and nose started swelling up and all the wonderful, awesome stuff that happens when you're just not allergic enough to die of something, but still allergic to a point were you're going to have a really, really bad time for a couple of hours and still a pretty sh*t time for the following few days, because you're going to have to deal with the nasty rash for a week. Thank you, Dad. Thank you for the f*cking food. Now I'm not only having a fever, no - I also look like I got into a fight with a swarm of really angry mosquitoes with blue, purple and red paintballs that were also very hungry. Not to mention the pleasures of lying awake at night because it's f*cking hard to breathe. And the fact that I'm now throwing up constantly because my body is violently rejecting the onions. Seriously, there were more onions in there than salad. Stupid of me that I didn't realize it earlier, too, but I thought the smell was from his food and seriously didn't remember the taste at all.

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  • Oh I hope you got better, and weel your family should be more careful with your food. Allergic rushes can be dangerous for fuck's sake.

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