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My best friend and I were walking through the woods and then we started making bets. We then made a bet to see who could throw a rock the furthest. The agreement was that the loser would have to do whatever the winner wanted. Surely enough he wins. We both laugh and then he sits down looking serious. He then says "I dare you to suck my cock". I was so shocked and a little disgusted. I said no, but to sweeten the deal he said "come on, suck me. Ill blow you after." I keep my promises, so I sighed and got on my knees. He unzips and his full package comes out. Still having such mixed emotions, i looked at him for support, he just pushed my throat down his cock and started fucking my throat. "Holy fuck that feels so good." He said. For some reason, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I loved gagging on his cock and the thought I was giving someone so much pleasure made me rock hard without touching myself. He eventually came in my mouth with no warning. I was ready for my turn but he said no and started walking. I wasn't even mad because I was so turned on by what I had done. I thought that was the end of it, but he just called me and said "get used to it, because that wont be it." Im literally so excited for the next time I can blow him. Even though i am straight and never thought sexually about men at all before, I love sucking my friends cock and cant wait for him to shoot a load down my throat again from his rod. I just feel so dirty but so aroused when I do.

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  • That's super hot! I would to suck some big cock again. I don't need reciprocation. Just to have the privilege to suck a hot guy off is enough.

  • Sweetheart, you are homo-flexible. Go for it!

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