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Isn't it messed up when single moms think their dating life will be just as good after a baby? You have NO time, and you have a baggage. Even if your kid is awesome I would prefer my own. Look around. See the guys the single moms date. Look a little beneath them? That is who settles for single moms, and sometimes, and I've seen it, child molesters. It's not discrimination it's pragmatism. It is something men consider and for many it's a deal breaker. Having kids is great, but for the love of God and your own child plan ahead. It's a lot more difficult, not just for your kid, for YOU!

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  • not like it's the mom's faults the fathers left. they're trying.

  • That is why teens should be educated on this, because sometimes they think when they got into a relationship, it will be a happily ever after thingy but sometimes they don't end up like that.

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