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I feel so lonely since my wife left me 2yrs ago. We're still friends because we have 2 kids. We were happy in the beginning but after 13yrs we were mad at each other all the time. We never hit each other. After she left she's been so happy without me. I still get jealous when she says she went on a date, even if she just goes out with friends because I assume she's on a date. I tried dating. After a few dates I tried to have sex with one woman. I went down on her and pleasures her for over an hour. She came multiple times. I wasn't hard once. I could only think of my ex. Will I ever get over her so I can be happy too?

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  • You and you're wife are meant to be together. You both screwed up by doing that stuff

  • Will you ever get over her? We don't know. The only person who can find that out is you. You deserve happiness. Let her go and focus on rebuilding your life.

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