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married bi male. i have shared my bi experiance stories before wife and i are both bi. been looking for a couple but hard to find a none drinking couple but i keep getting offers from other married men looking for discreet encounters and the problem is i keep meeting some. like now. just left a wooded area near me where i almost got caught but it was discreet. he was an older married man that just wanted sex. did not even know his name. wife will not know but i had sex with him in a public park. not sure why but met with two men last week. one had a service van and had sex with him in a wal mart as people were walking by then the other one came to my house wife was at work. all that i met were married and it was all discreet.

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  • Who you fuck is your business, but don't do it in public places where you could be seen by children. You sick fuck

  • this morning i took a shower and grabbed my work clothes and just put on a pair of shorts and a shirt met this guy in a secluded part of the park and he was a big guy meaning fat. i parked my pick up behind his suv made sure he was still wanting what he said he wanted he come over to my side pulled his pants down and i leaned up and gave him oral then took off my shorts and shirt turned around layed across my bench seat and spread my legs. i was pretty nervous not fully hard because i was hoping this is all he wanted and i would not be found dead. haha. but no he put a condom on and fucked me. as he was cumming a heard a car drive past (thankfully not a cop) but i put my work clothes on he zipped his pants and we both left. not really even sure why i am doing this with a wife that is ok by it and gets turned on. i didnt even know his name. i must be nuts!!!!

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