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part of my job includes reviewing medical records. I'm seriously disgusted with obese and morbidly obese persons. they are nothing but a drain on healthcare system, they have a million problems and nothing is ever their fault, it's someone Etihad else's. they go to the doctor at least once a week and do nothing but whine but they refuse to try and do anything to better themselves, like lose weight.

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  • That happens to lots of people who work in healthcare. All nurses I have met hate - really HATE - obese people after a few years in the job. They are the main cause for the back problems nurses are suffering from. Everyone who will hate on this confession - well, why don't you try to turn, lift and wash a comatose 165 kg whale. Surgeons have to use cranes - actual cranes (well, medical ones) with those terrible looking hooks to hold up the masses of fat while they try to somehow find an appendix or whatever in this ocean of fat tissue. And obese people are less likely to survive in a medical emergency. Most ambulances aren't even equipped to carry them. It's just plain impossible. Not enough space in there. The paramedics can't work on the way to the hospital, if they even get the person inside. Everyone should take that into consideration. I personally don't have anything against overweight people. Sometimes it's just a disorder, there are illnesses that cause people to be overweight, and at the moment, I, too, have problems controlling my weight because of a new medication I have to take for a chronical disease (although I work out for several hours a day and eat healthy. Thank god I'm not overweight, and I'm starting to adjust to the medication already, so the gain has been partly reversed again.). So I understand how people become overweight and have trouble losing the weight again. But for everyone working in the healthcare system, obese people - no matter how charming, nice and gentle they may be, no matter what kind of wonderful person they are - are freaking vampires, and not the sparkly kind.

  • Obese people have no self control and no sense of personal responsibility. Use it to your advantage, open an all-you-can-eat buffet. Die wealthy

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