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There is this big dickhead guy in our school who is hated by everyone and has a bunch of faggots as his side-kicks. This faggot hits and bullies me and some other guys too. Today was the school-party and this faggot brought a 2 liter Mountain Dew and started to act like a boss. Since, Mt. Dew and pee has the same color, I and some of my friends, emptied it's contents into one of my friend's water-container and we all peed inside the empty Dew bottle. We then waited for the prey(faggot kid) and enjoyed his expressions.

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  • If your pee looks like Mtn. Dew then you might have some problems

  • Although I really dislike the fact that you use quite a lot of derogatory terms for homosexuals - and by dislike, I mean that if I were your friend and you used this kind of language, I'd friend-dump your ass - but still, I am extremely impressed. I hope he didn't find out it was you, but I am really, really impressed, and god, he sounds like he deserved it. (Also, Mountain Dew? Being the "boss" with Mountain Dew? I mean, I know it's a school party, but the dude could at least have gotten some whiskey. Mountain Dew. The drink of idiots.)

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