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People, how can i get rid of my trust issues ? i don't trust my girlfriend, we're together for 4 years and i just can't get rid of them by myself. My gf has lied to me, has done things secretly, and probably cheated on me, but i haven't got any hard evidence. so i consider that she might be loyal. but i just cent overcome the trust issues. and its ruining my own mind, this battle between i have a great girlfriend and i have liar by my side. We have spoken about this, when we do, i usually make her cry. don't know what to do.

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  • The bottom line is that if she isn't lying then she's loyal and trustworthy and if she is then she cares too much about you to let you know. Either was she's a great person anf you shouldn't worry about her hurting you.

  • Every person makes mistakes. My bf was afraid of tellig me some things where he went and what he did aswell, because i have the same isues as you do. It kind of started when he went to learn how to dance with another girl.. well i had no idea why it was like this you know, so thats how i started to get suspicious,i saw her as far better than me, better body, flexibility, marks, everything.. thats what made me besides other thigs jelaous, and what made him look not trustworthx in my eyes, we talked about it several times and he got often flustrated about it... that kept up for 1 year, then we sat down and talked about everythig, about the dancing, other girls and things.. turns out i was mad about nothing, of course im still jelly when i see him tqlk to osmeone elsehey its normal, i often have trust issues relating to who he is with and stuff.. but it granually fades away.. what i recomment is to think about why do you still feel like that about your gf, then talk to her about it andask her for help. One of he major issues here is your cobfidence, you propably have low self esteem as was my case, do something o improve it. Get better marks, meet new people go to the gym.. anything that will make you feel better about yourself :)

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