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My husband doesn't cook and I am starting to really resent and hate him for it. I cook all the time, prepare lunches for work and I still have to clean up every night. When I bring it up, he says he will clean up but needs to relax first...a few hours later, I end up cleaning up the dishes bcos he'll forget or ill just end up having more work the next morning. im so sick of it. hes not lazy as he works full time but I work just like him and I earn a little more and Ive got to cook, clean and do every god damn thing in the house. so fucking sick of being a wife / slave.

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  • Don't do any work, then you'll see him beg you to help

  • I'm a man and I cooked every dinner, cleaned the kitchen, dining room and living room, washed my and our daughters clothes (I wasn't allowed to wash my wife's clothes). So with that said. I did the cooking because I love to cook but the other stuff I did because she said she needed help and asked me to help her. So for the one I love I helped her. Try asking him to help. Tell him (after eating so he's relaxed) you need help, how you feel about doing everything, how you feel about being a slave. I hope that once he sees what effect all the house work has on you that he would be willing to help. Good Luck.

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