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We were best fiends since middle school, you finally got a gf and fell in love. She give u the ultimatum to drop me as a friend of 15years or she's gone. You decide to drop me and I accepted..Y'all got married. Fast forward 5yrs after, u decided to come back in my life. I'm wondering wtf is going on with you, like if ur dying and trying to make amends. Well came to find out your lovely wife been cheating on you and left you for a woman. You needed me to help u go thru your divorce. I don't hold grudges, but how in the world you going to try date me and tell me how much you love me and that we were meant for each other...Umm no thanks, I don't want anybody's leftovers. The audacity of some people. I'm not that desperate and BTW I'm happy in my own relationship. Sorry u ended up with nothing but an empty bank account, broken heart, and alone. Karma...?

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  • *slow claps*

  • Maybe you are, but I'm not! I said leftovers because she dumped him/breakup the marriage to be with someone else.. a woman to make it worst. He wasn't wanted by her no more, so in my eyes it's leftovers. In my opinion.

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