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My parents doesn't listen to me. They only scream and beat up me. They don't hear my side. Dad thinks that whatever he says is the right thing. Whenever I try to speak up my side, they accuse me of back-answering and insult me in front of my relatives, cousins, friends, etc. I have a problem of stammering, due to that I can't speak to them even if I get a chance to speak. My dad then says about me to my cousins and adds up lies to make me a rebel kid, then the stammering comes. The stammering problem increases when they scold me and I become sad. I am a fucking 18 year old boy. They think of me as a retarded, autistic kid who don't know shit. They grew me up abusing in every way possible and making me defenseless. I always have the feeling that there is no one for me. He only taught me to cry in front of life situations, mom is another one who joins him and then says "I still care for you, son." I don't believe her. I then cleared my doubt that if I am an adopted child or not. I'm not. Nobody listens to me. I don't know what to do. I just feel like suiciding. Help me find a way to escape from these evils.

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  • Stop using "autistic" to mean "retarded" - it's really offensive.

  • And you still won't move out? You're 18! Get the fuck out!

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