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I was dropping off a co-worker home today after work like i usually do. I live like 5 minutes away from her so its no problem at all. So i pull up to her house and we said our goodbyes. As she started getting out of the car, i look over and see her red g-string thong showing like crazy. My eyes widened and i felt my thing twitch for a second but then realized that im being totally gross right now. Why, you ask? She's my fuckin cousin. The thought of seeing her thong makes me feel like a total scumbag, but at the same time it was, unfortunately, still pretty hot to see. I never looked at my cousin in that way before today. I cant get the image out of my head. My excitement from seeing that makes me feel nauseous. That's not to say my cousin isn't an attractive woman but she's my cousin for fucks sake! Idk...i just feel conflicted at this point.

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  • fuck her, whats the problem?

  • watch some porn, take a wank, problem solved.

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