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my girlfriend didn't tell me she was raped untill we'd been dating for a year and a half. I know it was her descision when and if to tell me but I can't help but feel upset that she didn't tell me sooner. I don't think less of her for being raped (obviously) and I still love her the same, it's just I wish she'd told me sooner so I could have helped her more. I know it's not something I "deserve to know" (is it?) like "oh by the way I have a kid" or something that you should tell someone when you start dating but I feel like she didn't tell me because she didn't trust me enough not to accept her. Am I a bad partner for being upset that she didn't tell me earlier on in our relationship? Should she have told me sooner?

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  • Yes, you are.

  • Girls consider themselves "dirty" afterwards, its a stigma in our societly, no wonder she was so scared to tell her bf.. dont worry, she just needed the courage for this, even tellibg it now shows that she trusts you completely, she just needed time :)

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