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I took advantage of a girl when she was drunk by making out with her (I was also drunk but not as drunk). I feel like a pervert and I hate myself. I'm also a female, but that's not really relevant.

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  • How drunk are we talking about? If we are talking "unconscious" then yeah that is quite fucked up. If we are talking "she wouldn't have if she was sober but she went 'fuck it' and did it anyway" then meh: you made out while drunk. And you being female is quite relevant. Not because woman can't rape (they can and do) but because the whole power dynamic is different: you had no chance of physically overpowering her, there is no physical treat and no coercion. She kissed you because she wanted to, or at least did not mind. Unless I am completely misreading the situation here, you got some kisses in when she had too much to drink. I fail to see how that makes you someone worth hating.

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