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I don't see why so many people are strongly against plastic surgery. If you have a power to change something you always disliked, why wouldn't you do it? Sure, it might appear to be superficial or selfish, but so does dying your hair, applying make up or putting together nice outfits. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, whether it involves changes in our personality, attitude or looks. I feel like plastic surgery patients don't deserve the harsh judgements they sometimes receive - it can definitely benefit us as individuals, as long as it's sensible and done in moderation.

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  • i don't judge people who got so called "normal" plastic surgery, but shit, those surgeries where people get their mouth so big like you cant even see their eyes from how widened their lips are, or when women get, like, really really big boobs. I judge that.

  • Lol you are so dumb

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