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iam looking at my husband sleeping on the couch, iam naked under my robe i cant fight the urge to watch some really dirty porn on my tablet and play with my pussy while i roll my hard nipple inbetween my fingers, then when iam ready to cum i pull one last time on my nip then push 2 fingers in my asshole and ride my hand till i fell my clit spasm and soak my hands in cum!

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  • Do it. If he wakes up he will love it. I remember once my wife wake me up with a handjob. I STILL think of it to this day.

  • Do you like the fact of masturbating while your husband is asleep or just masturbating? I think your husband would love to watch and/or participate. If the thrill is because he's asleep then enjoy yourself. My other question is why put this in a hate category?

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