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First the guy I like tells my friend he's not talking to anyone and not feeling anybody then I friendzoned him cause he obviously doesn't know me. So I was like ' I mean I guess you're the bro. I don't fuck with bros so I wouldn't know '. And the next thing I know is that he tells me ' I need your advice ' ( he never asks for advices ) and he's like ' I'm talking to this cute girl that lives by me and I'm kinda feeling should I go for it or not ? ' WELL MY DEAR. I WOULDNT KNOW. BECAUSE I LIKE YOU. but you do as you please you like her go right ahead. But I'm not gonna tell you not to go for it because that's selfish. Be free hoe.

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  • hahahah right on girl!

  • blame yourself for fuck's sake... if you like him why wouldn't you said so? lel if you friendzoned him he can sure asks about your opinion since he is your FRIENDY ONLY. lmao bitches be dumb. (since you like to talk in this style mentioning hoes and such).

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