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Why do people change gender? This is a general question. No hate please -.-

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  • We don't really "change" gender. In our mind and soul, we always have the same gender. It's just that our body isn't right. Imagine it this way. One day you wake up, and your body is suddenly the opposite gender. Pretty okay for a day or so, but after some time, you freak out. It's not your body. You feel trapped. You get depressed. You start to hate your body - then you think, what if this is the way I'm meant to be? What if my body is right? What if my mind is just wrong? You try to cope with it, hating yourself for being different and hating your body for being the way it is. I am a female to male transgender. When I was a kid, it didn't really matter for me. I ran around with the guys, played with them and generally was one of them - I was Jojo. Just one of the guys. School came around, and I was forced to change in the girl's locker room, and wear a swimsuit instead of trunks, and I didn't really know why at that point. I mean, obviously something downstairs was missing, but I was pretty sure that it would grow later on. I was a boy. After being treated as a girl, though, the guys made fun of me and called me a liar, and the girls didn't like me because I wasn't like them. I was bullied a lot, so I gave up. I tried to fit in. I let my hair grow out, wore dresses, played with dolls and behaved like a girl should - and I hated every minute of it. I was a boy, being forced by society to behave like a girl. No little boy wants to wear a pink dress to school. But that was the only way I could people get to leave me alone. Puberty came around. And I developed in all the wrong ways. I think every guy in the world would be terryfied by the thought of having periods. It was humiliating, I felt dirty and horrible, I started cutting and eventually tried to kill myself. Because everything that my body was was not ME. That wasn't me. When I looked into a mirror, I couldn't connect myself with the brunette all the guys hit on. I didn't want to go bra shopping, I didn't want to wear bikinis, I didn't want to have to use tampons. I didn't want anything of that. Well, after my suicide attempt, I got put in a psych ward, and finally people figured out what was "wrong" with me. The doctors helped me to tell my family, and they were surprisingly accepting. I cut off my hair, startet wearing binders - they are uncomfortable as hell, but it was just such a relief to be able to look into a mirror and see myself - not some girl I was pretending to be. I got hormone treatment, I stopped having my periods - I can't even describe how awesome it is to get rid of them and to know that it's forever. I came out to the people at school, and yes, I got bullied - for about half a year. But I could stand it. I was rid of my biggest problem. I could be me, and I wasn't ashamed of myself anymore. And my friends backed me up. I was always pretty popular, and I'm so glad that my friends are honestly real friends. I'd like to see the bully that is brave enough to face nearly my whole grade just to throw a few insulting remarks. I had my breasts removed (yay, no binder!) and graduated, and I went to our version of prom with my boyfriend, in a suit. We're moving out of country in a few weeks, we've already got a flat in London. We'll stay there for a year or so before we start studying, so he can figure out what he wants to do. I'll be a teacher, German and Chemistry, and I already found a University that will take me as soon as I'm back. So, this is my story. I didn't change my "gender" in any way. I was always male. It's my body that had to be changed, and although it was a real struggle and not all that pleasant (rather painful sometimes), it was more than worth it. I'm just glad that I had so much support. I hope I was able to answer your question, and all the best to you! :)

  • I think it's only because of their personal wish. I have a friend who is a transexual. He's very open-minded, don't get offended too much and is a very religious person. I asked him the same question which you have asked. He right away said that God told him to do so. He also said that it was also his personal decisions.

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