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I prematurely ejeculate every time I have sex and have since I was 13. I'm now 32.

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  • I recently had the same problem. Reasons vary between stress or nervousness etc. Do note, I am married for 9 yrs now and lead a healthy lifestyle. These things happens. Use one tab "Clomfranil", a safe antidepressant, at least 3hrs before the occasion and have two bananas [for the stamina], it will prolong your timing 20mins for the first time but really kicks in for second time where you can easily satisfies her and yourself for as long as you need. There are no side effects. But be warn to use it at night so you can have a nice sleep and rest otherwise you will be groggy throughout the day. But don't get used to it, rather in between try to have sex without using the tab. The difference will be there due to long exercise you're becoming used to. Hope this helps.

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