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I've started a relationship outside of my marriage with another man. There has been no physical contact , as he lives in another state, texting only, I still feel an incredible amount of guilt though. I want to end this relationship, I love my husband too much, more than anything or anyone, and I realize that more than ever. I don't know how to go about telling this other person how I feel. He's a very kind person, but I can't keep doing this anymore.

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  • I feel you. I have the same thing going on. It's hard when someone has been so nice to you and you don't want to hurt them. I'm trying to slowly pull back. Idk what else to do without being a huge bitch to the guy. He doesn't deserve it. But same as you, I love my husband and need to get my head on straight. Hang in there, I'm with you.

  • Just tell the out of state guy how you feel?

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