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letting go wasn't easy for me. shit, it was hard, but I can't keep holding onto you because you need time for yourself and I'm here waiting like an idiot for something that might not even happen. And I'm not going to waste my time waiting when there's better people out there for me than someone who doesn't even care to talk to me enough to understand what's going on like I just want things to be clear between us, but your over there concealing every piece of information for me to know. I don't want to be in this misery as you anymore.

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  • Holy shit, I'm going thru the same exact thing. I keep asking myself why I'm holding on and waiting for something to maybe happen.... It's stupid as hell and I know it. The heart wants what it wants..... And... Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. I'm working on finding my next one. Maybe you can, too.

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