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My gynecomastia problem is the main reason why I lose confidence everywhere. When I stand upright in front of a mirror sideways, it exactly feels like that I have boobs and because of that I always walk with my upper arms a bit forward. It's very embarrassing. Years before when I noticed my chest becoming big, I thought it was just fat and it can be gone with exercises and after going to the gym and doing tons of exercise for about an year, it didn't seem like it was reducing. Then I googled my problems and found that it was gynecomastia. This thing is pulling me back whenever I see a thing which I am able to do. It feels like everyone is looking at my chest yet I see big fat guys just walk around without giving a shit. But my problem is not like theirs. I have a protruding chest with a not-so flat not-so fat belly. I can't do chest exercises because I read in an article that chest exercises can increase the size of the chest as when the muscle inside takes up shape. I can't wear the dresses I like, my chest just destroys my likes. So I wear dark long dresses with sizes like XL and XLL, so with it I can hide my chest upto a certain extent. I tried reducing the sizes of my vests and putting it on for a week without even taking it off expecting to alteast reduce the size of chest a bit, fail. All the gynecomastia removal surgery costs too much. I am really depressed on this.

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  • Hey Anon just want to let you know that you are not alone, i have doing the same thing with my arms/shoulders..because of that i have a rolled/rounded shoulders issue now..trying to get rid off doing exercises etc... good luck gyno bro

  • I am a woman who like the man boobs. My husband is fit, but has them. They are awesome!

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