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I think its absoloutly ridiculous and inappropriate that my girlfriend thought it was okay to sneak out of her house at midnight to go sit in a guys car and tell him all about her feelings and all that shit. This guy is a known man whore who prides himself on his kills. It makes me so angry that she thoght it was okay to do that. If I went and poured my heart out to a girl in private in the middle of the night she would get so outwardly jealous. Fucking pissed.

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  • pretty sure they did more than talk

  • Sometimes a person does need to talk. Is she more innocent kind of person? He may have been trying to take advantage. That would not be her fault. The jealousy you feel shows that you care for her. Talk to her about it. If she is mature enough to really care about you, she will respect your feelings. She should not have to apologize for making what is potentially a very stupid mistake, but she should be willing to reassure you that it will not happen again.

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